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Running, living life, eating, struggling

It’s been nearly a month since the Fargo half-marathon and well, life has been…

Actually, I’m not sure.


Running has been great good. Although with the rising temperatures, my runs have been slower. But I’m okay with that. I know that in the summer, I tend to have slower times, but at least I am running, so that is why I’m okay with it. I’ve accepted it.

Life has been good great! My hubby and I have had some awesome weekends since the half in Fargo. We’ve complete two races since then – the Old Glory 5K and the Foodie Four Mile. Here are some pics from those:

Al finished in 23:43 and I finished in 29:04. We were both pretty happy with our times.

This was just a fun run, so it wasn’t timed. But according to our own watches, Al finished in 32:30 and I finished in 41:42. Yep, the heat really got to me. If you look closely at the picture, you can see how sweaty I was. It was a really great race though. Both Al and I said it was one of our favorites. Great course, great organization, great vendors, especially Mill City Running. Al and I stopped there on Friday night to pick up our packet and we met the owners, Jeff and Bekah Metzdorff. All I can say is WOW! Great store. Great people. Jeff took the time to go through the shoe fitting process with both Al and I even though he knew  we weren’t going to buy shoes that day. He did a gait analysis and everything. He really gave us in-depth information about our feet and what types of shoes are best. Next time we need shoes, we are definitely going to go back and get them from Mill City Running. Thanks to Jeff and Bekah for such a positive experience. We will be back! (Now they just need to hurry up and start carrying ASICS!)

We’ve also been on some bike rides and have just spent some quality time together. Time I treasure so very, very much. Al and I do actually spend an awful lot of time together and for that, I am grateful. Some find it weird that we spend all of our free time together, but I don’t. Although he is my husband, he is my best friend. I love that we can be together that much and not get sick of each other. It’s pretty awesome. Really, it is. I am truly blessed.

Just yesterday, which was National Running Day, Al and I ran together. We typically don’t because we run at different paces, but he was nice enough to go at my pace and run six miles with me! And not only that, he even let a friend of ours take some running pictures when we were done. He didn’t even complain! That’s the best part. I hope he knows how much it meant to me to have him not only run with me at MY pace, but take pictures of us when we were done. It was a FANTASTIC DAY.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s National Running Day:

I have to comment on the pics of Al and I because there is some significance to them. Why? Because I was wearing shorts. WHAT? That’s not a big deal. There’s no significance in that. EVERYBODY wears shorts. Right?

WRONG! I bought these shorts when I started running, a little more than four years ago. This is the first time I’ve worn them. Yep, you read that right. THE. FIRST. TIME. I don’t wear shorts. EVER. Even in the summer. I wear pants and I wear capris. Weird, I know.

I used to wear shorts…when I was 60 pounds heavier. But now? Nope. Don’t own any “normal” shorts. I have a couple of pair of running shorts, but that’s it. You see, I have this “thing” with my legs. Insecurities, if you will. Is it stupid? Yes, it is. But I can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my legs because I can run and walk with them and I am very thankful I have two legs that work. BUT……I dislike all the flabbiness in my upper legs. I dislike all the stretch marks. I dislike all the cellulite. Basically, from the knee up, they’re gross. Oh, and apparently, they are ghostly white, which I don’t mind, but apparently, it makes some people laugh until they almost pee their pants. I won’t mention any names. But wouldn’t you agree, Brandon! (Yep, my son laughed so hard when he saw my legs it almost made me cry. Literally.) But, he’s a 20-year-old “kid” who doesn’t know anything. Right?

Okay, so I know there are people in this world who would give anything to have legs and I should just shut my mouth and be happy I have legs. Right? Yes, I know that’s what you are all thinking and that’s okay. BUT, I can’t help how I feel. We all have our own hang-ups. And my legs are mine.


Sooooooooo, I feel like I must come clean. Food has been my enemy lately. And, I have reverted, just ever so slightly, back to one of my really, REALLY bad habits.

Eating in private.

First off, I must tell you that this is a really hard thing for me to write. I feel like a hypocrite, a lier and a moron.

Second, I am so thankful and extremely grateful to have my texting buddy, my friend, my co-worker and my sounding board, Tonya, on my side. She has been a rock through this, although she doesn’t really know it. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby has been there for me, too, but without Tonya, I would be in far worse shape. Let me give you a little background on Tonya.

Tonya, who was one of my Weight Watchers members (she’s lost nearly 80 pounds!), is now also a co-worker of mine. She is a leader with WW, just like I am. And I so wish my schedule would allow me to go to one of her meetings. Tonya is an inspiration. She is strong, confident (although she doesn’t realize this sometimes) and beautiful inside and out. We are very similar at the same time very different. We struggle in the same ways and we have this connection that I can’t describe, but can only say I am very thankful for. I hope Tonya doesn’t mind, but I am posting a picture she recently posted in a Facebook group we both belong to, From Fat to Finish Line. This is a before and after picture of her:

Yes, Tonya is also a runner and we run some of the same races together. Here’s a couple of pics of us together – rollerblading and at two different races – the iRock Run and the Earth Day Run. Both were 5K’s.

Yes, Tonya has an obsession with the color orange, just like my husband does…and okay, maybe I do, too!

Can you tell I am avoid talking about the real issue…my eating habits and how much I have been struggling! AARGH!

Tonya does help to keep things real for me. She gives me the kick in the shorts that I need. I just wish she could be with me in my car when I am traveling all over God’s creation. This is the worst time for eating for me. And lately, it’s been BAD.

Donuts. Cake. Cookies. Ice cream cones. Licorice. Frosting. Candy. Little Debbies (these are evil by the way, just saying!). Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

Worst part? It is out of control and I feel like I can’t reel it back it. I don’t know what my deal is. I just keep eating and eating and eating and eating. It is RIDICULOUS! Absurd, really. I want to stop. I need to stop. I have to stop.

Best part? I’ve been tracking it. Well, MOST of it. Yes, there are days when I don’t do the best, but then there are days where I do dang good. Then there are days where all I do is track numbers, not actually food. And the numbers are not honest. They are no where close to being real. Like for instance, if I didn’t feel like tracking because of the ungodly amount I’ve eaten, I tracked like this, “breakfast – 6 points,” “lunch – 8 points” and “supper – 12 points.” Is that real? Is that honest? Nope, not one single iota.

BUT…’s what keeps me tracking. If I simply stopped tracking, I would stop tracking. I wouldn’t start again the next day with a fresh outlook. Tracking dishonestly, which wow, sound really weird when I say it out loud and type it for the world to see, sounds really stupid. BUT…….it works for me. And that is what I have to worry about. Me.

Maybe if I actually felt some guilt, which is what I talk to WW members about all the time, it would maybe actually help me. I don’t feel guilt. At least I didn’t think I did. But, maybe I actually do. Maybe that is why this has been so hard to write. Maybe I do feel guilty.

I don’t know. What I do know is that it is time to stop. Stop with the insane amount of sugar I have been consuming and get back to the basics of good, clean eating – fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, etc.

That’s it. It’s time. I feel it.

Thanks for letting me all of this off my chest and out in the open. I hope you all don’t think any less of me. There is no such thing as a perfect journey and mine is a true testament to that statement. It’s not perfect, but it’s my journey and I am a helluva lot happier now than I was 60 pounds ago. (Okay, it’s actually about 52 pounds ago, but close enough, right?)

I will leave you with a pic from last weekend when we were down in the cities. This outfit was out of my comfort zone and not something I would typically wear, but I did actually feel good in it and it reminded me that I have definitely come a long way!

Thanks again, my friends!

(Sorry, it’s a little blurry and the color is a little off. My phone was being weird!)

P.S. I have decided to delete my Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl Facebook page. If you want to follow me, do so on my regular Facebook page or you can also follow me on Instagram.

The countdown is on, running and racing, plus some fantastic food finds

It’s time to get serious…the countdown to the Fargo Half-Marathon is on.

There is a countdown timer on the website and I have to admit, it kind of freaked me out.

32 days. THIRTY-TWO DAYS! How the heck did that happen? I’m not ready. At least I don’t think so. Or maybe I don’t feel as ready as I was for the San Jose Half-Marathon last October. The half that I actually followed a training schedule. This time? Not so much.

Why? Three words. 1. Winter. 2. Snow. 3. Cold.

I know one thing is for sure, I don’t think I will ever sign up for a spring half-marathon again. At least not while I am living in the winters-from-hell state of MinneSNOWta! Seriously, between all the dumb snowstorms and the bitterly cold temperatures, there wasn’t much running/training happening. I did actually run some on the DREADmill at the YMCA, but seriously, I don’t think I ever ran more than three and half miles on it. I. Am. Not. A. Fan. of the dreaded treadmill, hence the DREADmill name!

There was one day where it was snow storming and I was just pissy, so I said, “Screw it!” and went out for a run anyway. I only ran four miles, but it was four miles I didn’t have to do on the treadmill!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten in a few runs, more than I thought I would and that makes me happy. I did get in a couple of long runs, too. I did an eight-mile and on Sunday, April 6, I did a 10-mile.

I think the temps were actually in the 50’s, which was SO NICE! When I got back, my hubby was sitting on the deck, so I decided to hang with him for a bit. It felt so good just to crash and lay on the deck with my feet up – on the table and straight up in the air! The run felt awesome and I actually shaved off about three minutes from the last time I ran a 10-miler, which was at the Monster Dash in October!

Training will continue as best it can for the next 32 days. I guess, maybe, just maybe, I might be more ready than I think for the upcoming half-marathon. I guess we’ll see how this weekend’s 10-mile race goes.

Speaking of which, if you are a runner who lives in, around or near the Twin Cities area, you really should check out this Saturday’s race – the Fred Kurz 10-mile! According to the race website – click here – “Starting times are handicapped by the “world-renowned” Lanin Guessimetric Method, with the slowest runners starting first and, ideally, all runners finishing at about the same time.” How cool is that? Additionally, the race is easy on the pocketbook – it’s only $15 to enter – or $8 if you are a member of the Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA). Seriously, check it out!


We’ve had a couple of races since my last posting. And, I have had some awesome food finds. The rest of my post will be done in pictures. Enjoy!

This is from the Get Lucky 7K race in the Twin Cities on March 15.

I finished the 7K in 43:28. I was pumped because I was shooting for around 45 minutes. I was honestly ecstatic about my time!

Al did awesome, as well! Seriously, he kicked some major butt!

This is from the iRock Run in Cold Spring, MN, which benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. It was a nice day, although a little windy. My hubby, Al, finished in 24:45. I finished in 29:33, which is a PR for this year. And my friend, Tonya, finished in 27:28. It was a great race and hopefully, we can do it again next year.

After the race was done, the three of us grabbed some lunch at Mongo’s Grill in St. Cloud and then Al and I had some errands to run. We had a few things to get at the mall and I forgot my extra clothes to change into, so I got to walk around the mall in my running gear, which included these crazy pants, which are SO comfortable and I love them. Yes, even though they are a bit bright! OMG! I have never, EVER in my life received so many strange looks and stares from people. The hubster, who was always dressed in his running gear, which include running tights with a pair of shorts over them and a very bright, neon green shirt, also received LOTS of looks. There were even a few people who glared/gave dirty looks. It was comical. Seriously, I kind of wanted to keep walking around just to watch peoples’ reaction to how we were dressed. It was entertaining, yet kind of pathetic.


The other day, my husband made chicken burgers (pictured later) and we really wanted some fries to go with them. My husband found these in the grocery store and thought we would give them a whirl. (Yes, I know we could have just made our own, but we didn’t feel like it!). For my Weight Watchers friends out there, these are definitely worth it. You can have 21 fries for only 4 PointsPlus Values. And they are nice-sized fries. Not little ones. They were fantastic and we will definitely have these again.

OMG! These are by far the BEST “healthy puffs” I have ever had. I have tried the baked Cheetos brand and other brands, but I will never buy anything else but these. Seriously, they had the BEST flavor. They actually tasted like real puffs only better. I am not kidding. Best part? You can have 52 of these things for only 4 PointsPlus Values. These will now be a staple in our house. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They are made by Green Giant, check out the link here.

My husband had bought some very lean ground chicken. If I remember right, I think he said it was actually 100 percent fat-free. Anyway, we thought he should try something different with them and make actual burgers. He took the chicken and mixed it with half an egg, a crushed up bag of Weight Watchers Cheddar Twists, a little BBQ sauce, a little liquid smoke, salt, pepper and some Lowry’s seasoning. Each burger was only 3 PointsPlus Values. And the BEST part? They tasted fantastic. They were NOT dry. They were juicy and full of flavor. We will definitely make these again.

I know I have talked about my smoothie pancakes before, but if you haven’t tried them yet, give them a try. I started adding 2 tablespoons of PB2, which is a powdered peanut butter to the mix. It not only adds additional protein, it adds flavor. I use 3/4 cup of the liquid egg whites, mix in one Weight Watchers smoothie packet (you can use any flavor you want) and then the PB2. Beat together and then cook in a pan sprayed with cooking spray until they are done. I don’t time anything, so I can’t tell you long. The pancake is a total of 4 PointsPlus Values – 2 for the smoothie mix, 1 for the 3/4 cup of egg whites and 1 for the PB2. I don’t put anything on mine, but a lot of times, I eat it with a banana. VERY FILLING!

These are necessarily a new food find, but lately, I have been obsessed with blackberries. I am not sure this is even the season for them, but OMG! they have been so good lately. I eat at least one container a day. They are so tasty, juicy, sweet, kind of crunchy. Just YUM!


I just have to include a pic of my new iPhone 5C case I designed at I know it is “just a case,” but I am probably the most picky person when it comes to phone cases – just ask my husband! Anyway, I found the website somehow and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new case. There are literally hundreds of cases to choose from and then you can pick the color and “write” whatever you want on it. Some have just monogrammed letters, others, like mine have words that can run along the bottom or along the side. Seriously, check them out. They have cases for all kinds of phones. It is definitely worth your time!

And lastly, I have to include a picture – or two or three or four – of my son, Brandon, and his absolutely stunningly beautiful girlfriend, Kenzie. They attended her junior prom. Aren’t they both just adorable. I am so happy for them!

As always, remember, you can find me on Facebook here or here and you can also find me on Instagram, here. If you want, you can also send me an email to confessionsofaformerfatgirl at gmail dot com (

Lots to talk about! (Meaning, it’s a LONG post!)

Warning: This post is going to be filled with LOTS of pictures!

First things first…I RAN!

It was slow, but I didn’t even care. IT. WAS. AWESOME!

This was my first run since January 28 – nearly one month ago! Because we have been having such stupid weather (bitterly cold temps, snow and lots of wind), I opted to run on the dreadmill (yes, this is what I call it!) at the YMCA and on the track. I ran two miles on the ‘mill and one mile around the track. Even though it was slow, it felt amazingly awesome to be able to run again. I haven’t been running because of my neck issue and because I have been sick. By the way, after two rounds of antibiotics (zithromax and augmentin) and one round of prednisone, along with heavy duty cough meds, I am almost back to feeling 100 percent normal. Well, as normal as I can be, that is! :-)

With our first half-marathon of the year coming up on May 10, I think it is high-time I start training! Yes, I am going to take it easy, but my physical therapist indicated it would be okay if I started running. After the injection I had and the physical therapy I’ve been doing, my arm pain is nearly gone. Yes, there is still some pain, every now and then, but it is not nearly as bad as it was. I can actually sleep on my right side – for awhile anyway!

The physical therapy is going well. I am doing traction on my neck with a machine. I have one more session left and then I get to do it at home with an over-the-door contraption. That should be interesting!

I have a check-up with my doctor in early April. I think he’ll be happy with how things are going. Although, I will admit, he may not be real happy with how much I’ve been wearing the neck brace. For some reason, it makes me feel really nauseous. I am going to make an effort to wear it more. In fact, I am wearing right it now as I type this blog! Yeah, me!

BACK ON TRACK – with my weight and eating!

This winter, I have been struggling as far as my weight and my eating habits are concerned. I gained about eight pounds and my eating was out of control. Something finally snapped a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I am finally back on track. I lost most of the weight I gained and am now back to feeling like I am in control. My weight is now hovering around the 142 mark and I am happy with that…for now. I would like it to be closer to between 138 and 140, which is doable, especially now that I am back to working out – running and biking. I am also back to logging my food again, as in tracking using the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system. As many of you know, I lost my weight (about 55 pounds) with Weight Watchers and now work full-time for the company. In fact, I just celebrated my four-year anniversary of working for Weight Watchers on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, check out the present I got from my husband.

Isn’t he the sweetest. Flowers AND fruit! I LOVED IT! I am so VERY thankful he is supportive of me and my healthy living journey. Actually, I should say OUR healthy living journey. We are both trying to live a healthier style and I am so grateful for that.

I am also extremely grateful – actually, I can’t really put into words how appreciative I am – that my husband does 99.9 percent of the cooking and 99.9 percent of the grocery shopping. I am beyond blessed that he loves to cook AND grocery shop. AND, he likes to cook healthy meals. He loves to research recipes online and then he will tweak them so they are even healthier. Here’s a small teeny-tiny glimpse into some of the food we have had over the course of the past few weeks:

Turkey breast marinated in an orange-spiced brandy sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic and a little bit of asiago cheese. (7 PointsPlus Values)

Chicken enchiladas with green chile sauce and queso fresco cheese. (13 PointsPlus Values for two of them.)

Stuffed bell peppers made with ground turkey. That is not marshmallows on top, it is queso fresco cheese! (9 PointsPlus Values for three of them!)

This is a grilled pizza with whole-wheat crust (Al made this from scratch) with fresh tomato pizza sauce (Al makes this), shredded chicken breast with garlic and fresh basil, diced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, toasted pine nuts and kale. (11 PointsPlus Values for two pieces.)

This is a grilled pizza (again with homemade whole-wheat crust) with garlic-infused olive oil as the base and then diced tomatoes, fresh basil, artichokes, kalamata olives, fat-free feta cheese and a little shredded asiago cheese. (9 PointsPlus Values for two pieces.)

I ACTUALLY COOKED THIS! It is chicken breast dipped in egg and then rolled in crushed up Weight Watchers Cheddar Twists. The side was roasted sweet potatoes. (10 PointsPlus values for the whole meal.)

Al and I made this meal together. It was lobster mac and cheese with roasted asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a little bit of asiago cheese. (13 PointsPlus Values per serving for the lobster mac and cheese.) See recipe below.

Here is a comparison of PointsPlus Values for the recipe we used for the lobster and mac and cheese and a couple of other recipes. It’s amazing how different they can be! And I will tell you that the recipe we used was beyond delicious. The lobster mac and cheese was creamy, cheesy, decadent, rich and seriously GOOD!


So, Al and I spent last weekend signing up for races. Here is a list of what we have on the agenda so far for this year:

March 8 – 100% Irish for a Day 5K

March 15 – Get Lucky 7K

April 18 – Earth Day 5K

April 26 – Get in Gear 10K

May 10 – Fargo Half-Marathon

June 7 – Lake Region Half-Marathon Relay

June 21 – Color Vibe 5K (this is just me as I am walking this with my sister, niece, nephew, niece-in-law and several others)

August 2 – Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K obstacle course – (I am doing this with a bunch of my friends. We did it last year for the first time and had so much fun, we decided to do it again. Our group is called the Dirty Girl Boob Troupe.)

August 30 – Women Rock 10K (Again, this is just me as this is an all-women race.)

September 6 – Graniteman 10K

We have several others we are thinking about, but these are just the ones we have already signed up for.


I will leave you with two more pics – one of the gorgeous sun dogs that were out Friday, February 21 and a pic of the hubster and I on Valentine’s Day. ENJOY!

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What’s been going on…

Since my last blog post, I have had one physical therapy session and got fitted for and received my neck brace.

Not the prettiest accessory I have ever worn, but I guess if it helps, I will wear it. I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY glad I don’t have to wear it all the time. I mostly have to wear it when I am driving because I do a lot of driving! I am on the road four days a week traveling lots of miles each of those days. I’m also supposed to wear it if I am doing excessive activity…whatever that means! I will tell you this, it forces you to use your whole body for doing things…kind of weird, but kind of cool.

As for physical therapy, I’ve only had one session because unfortunately, I came down with a real nasty cold. My first therapy session was Tuesday. It was real basic. The physical therapist asked a ton of questions, did some tests and then we did two types of traction therapy. It was WEIRD. (I’ll write more about that next week!) I have two scheduled for next week and I am actually looking forward to them. I was supposed to have another one this morning, but instead, I found myself in the doctor’s office. I didn’t make an  appointment, but just the urgent call thing. When I went up to the desk to speak with the receptionist lady, I had a coughing attack. She made me put a mask on. I’ve never had that happen. Ever. Looking pretty cute, huh?

Turns out I have bronchitis…again. It really stinks, but gosh darn it, I get this a lot. And for now being what I consider a mostly healthy person, it gets kind of frustrating! I used to get pneumonia as a kid, not sure if that has anything to do with. I also used to be a smoker. WHICH….I am so happy to report that as of January 7 of this year it has been nine years since I quit. THANK GOD! I know that people who smoke or have smoked are more susceptible to bronchitis. Another reason to NEVER EVER start. Seriously, it sucks being sick and not being able to breathe. The good doc gave me the Z-pack (zithromax) and an inhaler. Mine was out. (I use an inhaler for running because a few years back, I found out I have exercise-induced asthma.) I hope the meds work quick, my hubby and I are headed to the cities for the weekend. Going to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see Fiddler on the Roof!

As for the injection I was supposed to Monday get for my herniated discs in my neck, I had to reschedule because the person who does the injections wasn’t going to be at the clinic. I am now going to get the injection tomorrow, Friday. I am actually going to be having it done in St. Cloud at CDI. My husband is coming with me, for which I am so very, very thankful. I am hoping they are going to actually let him come in the room with me because I am a scaredy cat when it comes to needles! I’m gonna need his soft, loving hand to hold!

I haven’t done any running…insert heavy sigh here. Prior to getting bronchitis, I’ve been spending time on the elliptical, the bike and a little time on the ARC trainer. And despite it being stupidly cold out, my husband and I have been doing some walking outside. Not much, though. Here’s a pic from last Saturday after we got done with a quick walk after we ate supper. On Saturdays, we usually have a date night where we make fun food and drink some wine. We usually go for a walk when we are done and this past Saturday was no exception, even though it was just a wee bit cold.

Yes, it was COLD!

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