Hungry girl

I am an Internet and computer junkie, really, I am. I definitely know my husband would attest that.

I am always online checking out different websites – whether it’s a cool photographer ( or a really interesting personal journey, although not health related ( or other blogs ( I have a few favorite websites that are bookmarked and I am signed up to receive e-mail newsletters from several sites, as well. 

But when it comes to my healthy new lifestyle and journey, one of my all-time favorite sites – okay, besides Weight Watchers – is Hungry Girl ( This girl, I mean woman, happens to be Lisa Lillien and she is full of spunk, let me tell you. I actually really don’t know who she is, I mean personally, but she is awesome when it comes to healthy eating.

I have never met her, although it would be really, really cool. And I am not getting paid for saying nice things about her. In fact, she doesn’t have a clue who the heck I am. But I know her and appreciate all of her tips. Many of which I have used as part of my new healthy lifestyle.

In fact, I have two of her cookbooks, am a fan of her Facebook page and I am signed up for her daily e-mails. She has taught me about Vitatops and Laughing Cow light cheese and Arnolds Sandwich Thins and egg tartlets and oh, so much more. She is as real as real can get when it comes to eating food that is good for you, but is also tasty and not boring. She likes what I call fun foods. 

It seems she has really gained popularity last year with her appearances on several morning talk shows and on the Rachel Ray show. My favorite thing about Hungry Girl is getting the daily e-mails. She often talks about new foods on the market and always includes point values for each thing. For instance, on Monday, her e-mail included information about new flavors of Yoplait light yogurt and about new Bagel thins from Thomas’ Bagels that are only worth 1 point each. Seriously, that is cool information. And not something I probably would have learned if it wasn’t for my Hungry Girl e-mails. She also has recipes and different ways to make some of your favorite dishes, but in a healthier way.

Many people have asked where I come up with some of the food choices I make or different tips I learn and many of them come from Hungry Girl. Yes, many of them also come from Weight Watchers. I definitely can’t forget about them. I love Weight Watchers, as all of you already know. 

But just in case you didn’t know about Lisa Lillien and Hungry Girl, I thought I would clue you in. You really should check her out and if anything, sign up for her daily e-mails. She will share a wealth of knowledge with you, I promise!

P.S. And once again, don’t forget, Confessions of a Fat Girl is on Facebook. Check it out. You can also check out Hungry Girl on Facebook and become a fan of her, too! 

Delicious, healthy Mother’s Day brunch

I am so excited about Mother’s Day this year. Typically, we go out to brunch for this wonderful holiday and I stuff myself silly. Well this year, I am having my mom and of course, my dad, over for brunch. Even though I am a mom, Mother’s Day for me is about my mom. When she is no longer here, then Mother’s Day can be about me. But I love celebrating my mom.

So, what I am making? Here is my list of entrees and each of their ingredients:

Cinnamon-vanilla French toast nuggets: hot dog buns, fat-free egg substitute, sugar-free vanilla coffee creamer, cinnamon, sugar-free maple syrup

Cheesy-good breakfast tartlets: fat-free egg substitute,  wonton wrappers, extra-lean turkey bacon, red bell peppers, scallions, Laughing Cow light swiss cheese, fat-free cream cheese, I can’t believe it’s not butter spray, salt, pepper

That’s a lotta frittata: arugula, fat-free egg substitute, red bell peppers, zucchini, fat-free shredded mozzarella cheese, garlic, salt, pepper

Easy caprese breakfast pizza: light English muffins, tomatoes, basil leaves, light mozzarella string cheese, light butter spread, garlic, salt, pepper

Fruit bowl: lots of different fruit, including grapes, bing cherries and melon

I found the recipes in the new Hungry Girl 200 under 200 cookbook, which has 200 recipes under 200 calories each. I typically don’t like to promote products, but this cookbook is AWESOME! I have never made so many different recipes out of one cookbook.

I hope my mom likes everything….I know I will!

Trying tofu

OMG…I actually ate tofu. Something I never thought I would eat…not in a million years. 

I bought a new cookbook the other day, 200 recipes under 200 calories. It is by Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien. There are several recipes that call for House Food Shirataki Tofu noodles. I couldn’t find them in any of the grocery stores where I live,  but a friend of mine found them in a St. Cloud grocery store.

Here is the recipe I tried:

I didn’t have any peppers or zucchini, but I had all the other ingredients. I used two cups of broccoli because I didn’t have the other stuff.

To my surprise, it was actually very good. I will definitely make it again. If you do make it, take the suggestion and blot as much water off of the tofu noodles as you can. It really helps. Good luck and enjoy!