Sunday was an all-out food fest : (

Wow, I haven’t had a day like I did yesterday in a really, really long time. Not exactly sure (although I might have a guess) what happened to me, but I completely lost control. And I mean completely. It wasn’t very pretty, but because I am real and because I have always shared the goods – and the bads – I am going to share with you what happened yesterday even though for the first time, I am a little embarrassed. Really, I am.

First, I am going to back up to Saturday, which was a great day. Because I had posted the other day about how I was going to start exercising again on Saturday, I had to do it. I didn’t want to let anybody down. I was dreading exercising outside because 1. It was hot. and 2. It was windier than windy. So, I decided what the heck and jumped on my treadmill. Now, some of you know that I really don’t like running on my treadmill,  but for some reason, I knew that if I was going to get in a run on Saturday, it was going to be on my treadmill. And you know what? I actually didn’t mind it. I did a total of five miles. That’s the longest run I have ever had on my treadmill. I turned it into a game and really pushed myself. I would run really, really fast for a couple of minutes than jump off for 30 seconds to catch my breath and then when I jumped back on, I would run a little slower and then I would crank it up again. I repeated that the whole time. Really, it was kind of fun. I was VERY glad I did it.

Saturday evening, our friends, Brad and Linda, came over and we made kabobs. They brought a bunch of stuff from their garden and it was AWESOME. I ate a huge plate full of food, but it was all good because most of what was on my plate was veggies. I also had a few pieces of steak and a couple pieces of chicken. Seriously, it was so good. Here’s a picture of just the veggies:

Well, besides the food, we also had wine. Unfortunately, I think that is where my problem on Sunday came from….I am pretty sure I had too much wine! I am not a prude in any way, shape or form (which I think Brad and Linda found out on Saturday night), but I really don’t drink that much anymore. My husband and I have wine with our Saturday night meals, but I don’t usually get drunk. Well, not sure what happened Saturday night, but yep, I was. We had a really good time, but wow, did I pay for it on Sunday.

So really, was Sunday that bad? Yes, it was. I actually felt fine, but I was HUNGRY. Really, really hungry. So, here goes…this is a list of everything I ate on Sunday. No jokes. This is true. And it really is ridiculous.

My food fest included (in no particular order): A taco bravo and large potato oles from Taco John’s with a side of the house dressing (which by the way, I haven’t had Taco John’s in about two years), two big bowls of Lucky Charms, a sloppy Joe sandwich, a huge salad with lots of cheese, croutons, tomatoes and a creamy-based dressing (I didn’t make it, we had it at my nieces birthday party), corn on the cob with butter (I usually use the spray butter stuff), tons of watermelon, three pieces of cake (yep, you read it right, three), tons of Doritos and cheese and crackers. And I drank a ton…diet 7Up and water, lots of water.

So, I am mad about Sunday. No, not really. Disappointed? Maybe. But like I said, though, I am probably more just a little embarrassed. Mostly about the cake (They weren’t small pieces by any means). I mean, really, did I have to eat THREE pieces of cake?  No, but dang it was so good.

If you are wondering if I tallied up my Weight Watchers points, I am guessing you already know the answer. Nope. I didn’t. I just know it would have been a ton.

Well, it’s Monday, the start of a new week. Time for a fresh start. And I am so looking forward to it.


Well, it certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it. Sorry about that. Sometimes, I feel like if I don’t really have a lot to say, then why would any of you want to read. Right? Plus, life has all of sudden gotten really busy. Not sure why,  but it has.

Things are going…well…um…okay. I guess.

My eating has been fine, I still have been having my treats, maybe a little too often lately, but for some reason, my life has been stressful. Not sure why. Maybe because it has become busier all of a sudden.

I haven’t been doing a very good job of logging lately on my Weight Watchers site lately, but I keep a mental note of what I have eaten and it seems to be going okay…for now. My weight hasn’t suffered any…meaning I haven’t had any significant gains. Thank goodness, right. It seems I now hover between the 139, 140, 141 range. I did dip down to 137 one morning, but that didn’t last. Even though I often tell people not to weigh themselves every day, I can’t help but do it myself.

I know, it’s stupid. But for me, it’s a good way to keep a handle on it. It is now part of my routine in the morning. Right before I get in the shower, I hop on the scale. It really is amazing, though, how much a person’s weight can fluctuate from day to day. Not really from week to week, but day to day, wow. It’s crazy. Sometimes it can change two or even three pounds. Weird, isn’t it. Anyway, I am pretty happy with my weight right now. Actually, I am kind of ecstatic about it. Seriously, I have not been this weight since before my son was born and he will be 17 next month. Wow!

As for my exercise…well, let’s see…I haven’t done a stitch since last Saturday when Al (that’s my hubby for those who may not know) and I ran the 5K in Vining. I have taken a slight break, but will be jumping back on the horse tomorrow morning. The weather has been great for running, too, but my schedule lately, for some reason, hasn’t allowed me to get out there and run. Plus, I have been extremely tired. Which, really, is probably from not exercising. I do always have more energy when I exercise. I really do. But like I said, I will be jumping into it again tomorrow.

I have to…our 10K run is in one month and 12 days!

I know I have said this before, but I like to put a reminder out there for any new readers. You can find me – Confessions of  a Fat Girl – on Facebook. Also, if you ever have any questions you want me to answer, send me an email to

50…fifty…five zer-oh!

So, what’s with the number? It is the total pounds I have lost since I started Weight Watchers nearly two years ago.

As many of you know, I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle on November 19, 2008. Last August, I think it was the 15th to be exact, I reached the goal that was set for me, which was 155 pounds. When my leader at WW set my goal, it was at the top of the weight range chart for what I should weigh based on my height, which is five-feet, six-inches tall. The healthy weight range for people my height is between 124 and 155 pounds. The weight ranges used by Weight Watchers is based on Body Mass Index (BMI).

I distinctly remember the day she set my goal…I was terrified. I thought there is no way in God’s green Earth that I can reach this goal. I knew immediately what I was going to do…I was going to get a note from my doctor explaining that 155 wasn’t the number for me and that I should probably be at 160 instead. Yes, that was exactly what I was going to do.

Well, I am glad I didn’t because I have finally reached the 50-pound mark and have stayed here consistently the last couple of weeks. I am happy and proud to say that I not only reached my WW weight goal of 155, I surpassed it! I am now 15 – YES, FIFTEEN – pounds UNDER my goal weight. I have reached 140 pounds!

And although I have talked before about how numbers shouldn’t matter when it comes to clothing, women can’t lie, the numbers do matter. I try hard not to let them matter, but I’m sorry, they do. How stupid, I know. But anyway, I went from a size 14-16 to now, sizes 4, 6 and occasionally 8.

I couldn’t be more happier.

It’s fair time!

Well, it’s that time of year again…time for the Douglas County Fair. And everyone knows what the fair means – FOOD!

I have plans to be at the fair tonight, tomorrow and Saturday and yes, I will be eating fair food. Some. Not a lot. Just a little. Enough to be satisfied.

I work at the newspaper booth at the fair all three of those days and for the most part, I will be bringing my own food. Yes, to some that probably sounds weird. Really weird. But seriously, as much as I like the “Patty Wicken Corn Dogs,” I don’t think I could eat one every single day. Sorry, Patty. Last year year at this time, I probably could have. And the year before that, I know I would have.

My husband and I will be working the newspaper booth together tomorrow night and that is when I plan on eating my deliciously yummy corn dog. I only eat corn dogs at the Douglas County Fair and I only eat them from the Wickens’ food stand. They are by far the best corn dogs I have every had. (And let me tell you, I have had my share of corn dogs. I used to eat them whenever I could!)

For tonight, I am bringing my supper with me…I won’t indulge in the fair food yet. My supper consists of three pieces of Oscar Meyer smoked turkey (.5 WW pts); one Thomas bagel thin (1 pt); two dill pickles (0 pts); about a cup and a half of cherry tomatoes (.5 pts); an apple (1 pt); a WW string cheese (1 pt); a cup of raw carrots (0 pts); one container of Jell-O sugar-free, 60-calorie pudding in the dulce de leche flavor; and maybe some grapes, about a cups worth (1 pt). All that food for a total of five points. Yes, only five points. I am all about quantity people. I like to eat a lot and so I try to find low-point food so I can get more bang for my buck, so to speak.

But tomorrow night, I know I will be eating a corn dog, which is probably worth between six and eight points. But I don’t care. It’s worth it to me. And I will enjoy every single bite of that corn dog. The best part is I will eat it without any guilt because tomorrow morning, I already know I will be working out for about an hour…maybe more.

And for some reason, I am finally to the point where I don’t mind working out because that means I can treat myself. And that’s what it’s all about!

I’m here again…and rambling on.

Okay, so here’s to my first post in the new blog setting. I have to be honest, I sure wish they would have just kept it the the way it was before. I liked AreaVoices just the way it was. But, I guess the powers that be didn’t and felt a change was needed. Sure wish they would have gotten input from the people who use the site. Oh well…right. I guess I have to just move forward. Nothing much more I can do.

So, I moving forward. I guess.

My life has been great as of late. Most of it anyway. Sometimes, I wish I was exercising a little more, but work and other obligations get in the way. Life, I guess, just happens and I in all honest, I let it get in the way. I use it as an excuse, I guess. Because really, if you want it bad enough, you’ll make time for whatever it is you want. Right?

I strive to do some kind of sweat-inducing exercise at least four days a week, but I always feel much better when it’s five or six days a week. But I use excuses like I’m to tired, I’m too busy, I don’t have time right now, I just don’t feel like it. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. But we can change. Like I said, if it is something you truly, truly want. You can do it. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Period.

Well, I am starting to not beat myself up so much when I eat something “naughty” – like Cold Stone Creamery ice cream or whatever sweet, high-calorie, high-fat, oh-so-not-good-for-me treat is tempting me at the time. I am starting to understand and feel, if you will, the balance of exercising and treating myself every now and then. I get that I can eat the foods I obsess about as long as I exercise. AND, most importantly, I don’t eat those deliciously ooey-gooey goody treats all the time. They are simply what they are…treats. Treats to savor, treats to eat once in awhile, not everyday.

You know, really, it all makes sense, doesn’t it? If I eat crap food every day and don’t do any type of exercising, I know what’s going to happen. I am going to get fat. If I eat crap once in awhile and exercise on a regular basis, I am not going to gain weight, I am going to maintain and be healthy…or at least a lot healthier. Right? Yes, that is right. But why do we make it so hard? That’s the stupid part.

So why do we do it? Why do we let ourselves, well, to put it bluntly, get fat? Why do we let ourselves gain five pounds here, five pounds there and then all of sudden we weigh close to or more than 200 pounds? I mean, really, WHY do we do it? We don’t like ourselves when we do. We all feel better when we are thinner, not skinny, but thinner and healthier. We feel better about ourselves…inside and out. We dress better. We stand taller. We have more confidence. We exude happiness.

My answer to some of my own questions can probably be summed up in just a few words. Laziness. Too content. No motivation. No desire. Society.

I know it’s not easy to maintain a healthy weight. Really, truly, it’s not and anybody who says it is, I believe, is lying. But, we can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it. It’s all in the mind. You have to want it. Truly, truly want it. Then, go after it. AND don’t let anything get in the way. No more excuses. As the Nike slogan says, JUST DO IT!