Resolutions or goals?

I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year because I don’t think I have ever kept any resolutions I have set in the past. I think people who set resolutions, whether it’s to become healthier, lose weight, get more fit or what have you, set themselves up for failure. Not always. But most of time. In my opinion anyway.

This year, instead of setting myself up for yet another round of failed resolutions, I am going to set goals. Reasonable goals. Attainable goals.

Goal #1. To maintain my weight (within two to three pounds). Period. Not for the next six months. Not for the next year. But for the rest of my life.

Goal #2. To continue my healthier lifestyle. No matter how hard it feels like it is sometimes.

Goal #3. To continue eating healthier foods, but to also realize it’s okay to eat treats once in awhile and not punish myself, get upset or feel guilty for doing so. I do need to have a life, right? Everyone needs a little ice cream or cake or cookies or whatever they feel like having sometimes.

Goal #4. To keep up with my exercise program. Strength training at least three days a week with cardio at least three times a week if not four, five or six times a week.

Goal #5. To run at least three 5Ks this year. I signed up for the Fargo 5k in May and will do the Lakes Area Humane Society one in September. I don’t have a third one set yet, but have several possibilities.

Goal #6. To keep going to my Weight Watcher meetings. Why? They give me the encouragement and strength to keep going. I LOVE MY MEETINGS….the people, the leader, the helpers, everyone.

Goal #7. To keep tracking my food or at least most of the time. I am learning that it’s okay if I miss one day of logging. It’s not going to kill me or make me fat overnight!

Goal #8. To go rollerskating at least three times this year.

Goal #9. To get right back on the horse if I slip up a couple of days. If I falter one day, that doesn’t give me a reason to give up. I just have to keep going. What is in the past is in the past and what happens in the future is what matters.

Goal #10. To keep blogging in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I can give other people the encouragement or push or whatever it is they may need to start their own journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I wish everyone a happy and joyous New Year.

What constitutes as exercise?

As a Weight Watchers member, I not only get to log the food I eat, but I also get to log my activity. I use up points for the food I eat, but I gain points with the activities I do, such as walking, running, biking or lifting weights.

The other day, I was looking through all the different activities listed on my eTools for my Weight Watchers site and was kind of amazed at the variety of activities that can count toward activity points – chopping or hauling wood, washing windows, bobsledding, cleaning gutters, climbing up a ladder, farming (cleaning the barn), grooming a horse, hanging wallpaper or storm windows or sheet rock, doing the luge or even ocean sailing. Seriously, some of the activities were kind of weird.

Typically, I have been logging my workouts, my treadmill time and my elliptical time, but did you know I also log points for doing laundry. I typically do my laundry on Sundays – yes, I save it all up for one day. I like doing it this way so that I can get it done in one shot. Well, one day anyway. I can have anywhere from six to ten loads depending on our week. It usually takes me pretty much all day to do, even though I am not working on it the whole time. My laundry is in the basement, so I have to go up and down the stairs each time I put in a new load or take one out of the dryer. I have been logging one hour per week for laundry. This gets me two activity points. And, if I didn’t have a cleaning lady, I could also gain one point for a half hour of vacuuming and one point for a half hour of scrubbing floors. So not worth it to me. I’ll keep my cleaning lady; she does a fantastic job. I can gain points in other ways! : )

I also count points if I go out shopping, especially if I am at the store(s) for a couple of hours. I log it as "Walking, leisurely" and I can get two points for one hour or four points for two hours.

With all the snow we have had these past couple of days, I could have earned three points for shoveling for an hour. I didn’t. We have a snowblower. Maybe next time, though.

When summer comes around again, I will be earning points left and right. For one hour of inline skating (rollerblading), I can earn seven activity points. If I do one hour of moderate biking, I can earn three points and for one hour of fast biking, I can earn seven points. An hour of swimming in a lake will get me three activity points and if I play frisbee for an hour, I can earn two activity points.

Because I know I can gain activity points, I try to move a little more often so that I can earn some kind of points each day. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. If there is anything I do that requires at least a little bit of effort, I will check it out on the activity list to see I can gain points. Sometimes I can; sometimes I can’t. If I can’t, it’s not a big deal. I know I do at least three to four days a week of real activity – as in sweatin’ to the max exercise, that I gain enough points to make me

One activity that is not on the list, however, is sitting on my butt playing on the computer or watching television. Darn. I would earn so many points…just kidding. Not really. I would seriously earn so many points. Too bad. 

Well, I better go earn some real activity points right now. The elliptical is calling my name – 25 minutes earns me three activity points. Hopefully it’s enough to burn off the three homemade chocolate chip cookies I ate while playing on my computer!

Lost all control…UGH!

So much for being happy and proud. 

For the past two days, I have done nothing but eat. Literally. Thursday started off good and I was so looking forward to our meal of ham, riced potatoes, green beans and corn. Simple and healthy. Our meal was good and I did fine with it, but it was what I ate prior to the meal and after the meal. UGH!!!!!

As everybody was coming, there seemed to be more and more tempting foods…cheese and meat and crackers, baked goodies, chips and dips, candy and lots of other really, really, good snacks. I thought I had control, but as soon as I let myself have a taste of this and a taste of that, it went down hill really, really fast. It was like I couldn’t control myself. I don’t know what happened. I almost felt possessed.

There was food on every inch of counter space and card table space in our teeny, tiny kitchen. It was kind of ridiculous really. My sister-in-law alone brought enough food for an army. And every last bit of it was unhealthy. She brought ice cream, chips, dips, crackers, cheeses, meat, cookies, popcorn, peanut brittle, candy and a whole lot more. My fridge was stuffed to the max. (And so was I.)

I seriously lost control. I just kept eating and eating and eating. Every time I would go in the kitchen, I would grab a handful of that or a piece of this or a plateful of something else. I tried to do most of the cleanup work, because I wanted to, because it kept me busy and moving around and not just sitting on my behind. But where does the clean-up work take place? In the kitchen. And what was in the kitchen? Yep, the food. The glorious food.

Luckily, we also played games, which I liked, because that kept me away from the food. But regardless, I had no problem making my way back into the kitchen time and time again.

Eventually, I lost track of everything I ate, I didn’t log a single morsel on my Weight Watchers site. I have no idea how many points I ate. I really don’t want to know. And now, it doesn’t matter, I just know it was TOO MUCH! I am not going to beat myself up over it. Christmas does only happen once a year. I am just going to move forward and start fresh today. What you do in the past is in the past and what you do in the future is what matters. Right?

I am glad I got a workout in on Thursday and as soon I finish writing this, I am going to go do another workout. A really good one. I know I won’t burn off everything I ate, but it sure will make be feel better.

Happy and proud

Merry Christmas Eve to all my dear readers!

Despite having a sinus infection (Yuck, by the way!), after I got up this morning and had my breakfast and visited with my parents a little, I actually worked out – for about an hour and 15 minutes. I was so proud of myself. I felt like crap, but after I worked out, I actually felt a little better. I could barely breathe, but I think all the sweating I did helped to get the infection out of my body. Or at least that’s what it felt like anyway.

I am off this week on my exercises because of my work schedule. I typically work out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but this week, I had to do it on Tuesday, today (Thursday) and then on Saturday. I am hoping to get back to my normal schedule next week, but we’ll have to see what happens. Work and the holidays kind of interfered, but at least I still did it!

So, why am I happy? Besides working out, it’s because my husband and I are hosting Christmas Eve at our house and so I am in charge of the meal! I love when I am in charge because then I can make things my way, which tends to be on the healthy side. So, what’s for dinner tonight? 

We are having ham, riced potatoes (there will be gravy for those who eat it), green beans, corn, Jell-O (sugar free) with Cool Whip (fat free) and in honor of my in-laws (who both recently passed away), my husband is trying his hand at making Lutefisk and my brother-in-law is going to try and make Swedish meatballs. And, I do have a tray of goodies – it is Christmas after all. 

I think we are going to have a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow!

Again, I wish everyone a very happy and blessed Christmas. May all your Christmas wishes come true!

I know why I hate baking

Yesterday, after a crazy day, I ended up having to bake cookies for our Christmas cookie bake sale at work. First, I realized I don’t particularly care for baking. Second, I didn’t get home until after 8 p.m. Third, I was tired and crabby. Go figure, right.

But, it was my choice to bake. We decided to have a cookie bake sale at work to raise money for our local United Way. Even though I really, truly don’t like baking (it’s almost at hate status), I thought this was a great way to raise money for a wonderful cause. Plus, baking cookies for someone else meant that I wouldn’t have to have the cookies in the house and not have to worry about eating them. Good thinking, right? Not necessarily.

I found out the reason I hate baking. I love to eat the batter. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat batter. It doesn’t matter what I am whipping up – cake, cookies, doughnuts, bars, brownies – I love to eat the mix. Most often, I actually prefer the batter over the finished product. 

Last night I tried a new recipe, a fairly simple one at that. They were called Lemon Snowflakes. You take a lemon cake mix, one that has pudding in the mix, and mix it with two and a fourth (2 1/4) cups of Cool Whip (you realize these are two of my favorite things – cake and Cool Whip), one egg and some powdered sugar. You mix the dry cake mix with the Cool Whip and egg until they are mixed together really well. The mix is going to be extremely sticky. You then take a small teaspoonful of mix and drop it in the powdered sugar. Roll it around a little and then put it on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at 350º or until the cookies are slightly golden brown or the powdered sugar looks cracked.

I don’t think I even tried the cookies when they were done, but I probably ate enough batter to make at least a half dozen cookies!

One, I don’t think I will be baking anymore cookies anytime soon because, two, I felt really sick to my stomach and three, I had one heck of a toothache. Maybe now, my sweet tooth will be cured.