Am I going to eat cheese again?

As we walked around the grocery store picking up ingredients for a new fajita recipe we were going to try, my husband and I were looking at the deli section and what I call the "fun" cheeses.

He said, "Do you want to try some and experiment with the wine we are having tonight."

I said, "No," thinking I wasn’t really in the mood for a wine and cheese night. I was really hungry for those fajitas.

He said, "Oh, that’s right. Cheese isn’t good for you."

I said, "No, not really, but it’s not like I’m never going to eat cheese again."

That really made me think. Will I ever eat that kind of cheese again? What about real ice cream? What about cake and cookies and donuts? What about ripple-style potato chips and French onion dip or Doritos or Cheetos or caramel popcorn? What about cheesy lasagna or creamy, cheesy, alfredo-y pasta or cheesy, pepperoni and olive pizza?

I have been focused so hard the last six and a half months on eating healthy and trying to make a lot of our non-healthy recipes healthy that I truly didn’t think about the fact that this is what it is…a lifestyle change. It is journey. It’s not a diet where once I get to the weight I want I stop doing what I am doing.

I don’t want to quit eating an apple and orange every day. I don’t want to stop eating two to four servings of veggies a day. I don’t want to stop teaching my son about portion sizes and that eating a plate-size portion of steak is not healthy in any sense of the word. I want my son to see me be in control of my eating and not lose control when I have a bad day. I want him to see me exercise at least four times a week.

I want my son and my husband and myself to feel good about ourselves and the choices we make. I don’t want us to feel bad if we do have that bowl of ice cream…as long as it’s once a month, not two or three times a week. I want to eat fun cheese and try it with different wines…as long as it’s once in a while, not four times a month. I want to have my cake and eat it, too…as long as it’s not the whole cake and I am the only one eating it while I am watching some sappy-ass movie because I am home alone and no one will no because I will get rid of the evidence. Been there, done that, didn’t like it. 

For right now, I am happy where I am at. Truly happy. I am happy with my eating habits and I am finally getting happy about my exercise habits. I am only about six pounds away from my goal weight. Something I never thought would have happened six months ago.

I am happy with my life. Period. Are you?

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Weighing in

This morning, I was on my way to my Weight Watchers meeting and for once, I was not really looking forward to going. I had talked myself into not being disappointed when I stepped on the scale. I didn’t have a very good week…remember, I couldn’t get full. I was constantly eating and didn’t do much as far as exercise (like that’s a surprise!). I kept telling myself that it was okay and that I had probably only gained about a pound…maybe two. I wasn’t looking at it as a setback, but as life just happening. Life does have to happen, you know.

Well, I stepped on the scale and almost fell over. For some reason, and I am not sure how or why or what I did differently, but I lost. Big. In fact, this was my biggest loss since December 10, which is when I lost 4.8 pounds in one week. For this week, which my weeks run Wednesday to Wednesday, I lost 3.4 pounds. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it – three point four pounds. I was elated. Ecstatic. Shocked. Stupified. Happy!

I have now reached a total of 28.4 pounds lost since November 16, 2008. I am so close to my goal…less than 10 pounds away.


Still hungry

Do you ever have those days that no matter what you eat, you can’t seem to get full? Today was one of the those days for me. Seriously, as I write this, my tummy is still growling at me even though I just ate a small snack not more than 15 minutes ago.

I ate my breakfast (yogurt and a Vitalicious muffin top). Then, a few hours later, I ate a snack (a light English muffin with about a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on it). I was still hungry.

I ate lunch (a grilled Boca burger on a toasted Arnold’s sandwich thin with pickles and ketchup, about a cup and a half of steamed cauliflower with 1/4 cup fat-free cheddar cheese melted on it and a 60-calorie, sugar-free dulce de leche Jell-O pudding). Then, I ate a couple of snacks a few hours later…an apple and an orange. I was still hungry. So, I ate another snack a little bit later (a Skinny Cow vanilla/caramel cone).

I ate supper (a 3 oz. piece of grilled pork tenderloin, 2/3 cup of corn and a cup of carrots). Then, I ate several snacks…a 60-calorie chocolate Jell-O, Athenos whole wheat pita chips, 12 of them, with a wedge of French Onion Laughing Cow cheese and yet another ice cream treat…a Skinny Cow strawberry ice cream sandwich!) I was still hungry.

So, I decided to drink a glass of water and write this entry in my blog. 

It didn’t help. I am still hungry. So, I think I will head to bed instead. Goodnight.

Delicious, healthy Mother’s Day brunch

I am so excited about Mother’s Day this year. Typically, we go out to brunch for this wonderful holiday and I stuff myself silly. Well this year, I am having my mom and of course, my dad, over for brunch. Even though I am a mom, Mother’s Day for me is about my mom. When she is no longer here, then Mother’s Day can be about me. But I love celebrating my mom.

So, what I am making? Here is my list of entrees and each of their ingredients:

Cinnamon-vanilla French toast nuggets: hot dog buns, fat-free egg substitute, sugar-free vanilla coffee creamer, cinnamon, sugar-free maple syrup

Cheesy-good breakfast tartlets: fat-free egg substitute,  wonton wrappers, extra-lean turkey bacon, red bell peppers, scallions, Laughing Cow light swiss cheese, fat-free cream cheese, I can’t believe it’s not butter spray, salt, pepper

That’s a lotta frittata: arugula, fat-free egg substitute, red bell peppers, zucchini, fat-free shredded mozzarella cheese, garlic, salt, pepper

Easy caprese breakfast pizza: light English muffins, tomatoes, basil leaves, light mozzarella string cheese, light butter spread, garlic, salt, pepper

Fruit bowl: lots of different fruit, including grapes, bing cherries and melon

I found the recipes in the new Hungry Girl 200 under 200 cookbook, which has 200 recipes under 200 calories each. I typically don’t like to promote products, but this cookbook is AWESOME! I have never made so many different recipes out of one cookbook.

I hope my mom likes everything….I know I will!


I did it. After six months, I hit my 25-pound weight loss goal. Since November 16, 2008, I have lost a total of 25.2 pounds. And I didn’t use any pills or shakes or other help-you-lose-pounds-quick-scheme. I did it on my own…sort of. 

I joined Weight Watchers on November 16 of last year and that is what has helped me on this weight loss journey. I have finally learned about healthy eating and am now, doing it right. And I have quit DIETING! I am hoping that this rollercoaster ride I have been on will finally smooth out and not have so many hills and valleys.

I still have some issues to work out…like the whole exercising thing. I do some, but not what I should be doing, which is probably why it has taken me six months to lose those 25 pounds. I also need to not beat myself up if I slip up and have a piece or two or three of cake. I am still learning and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I hope you stay with me as I continue this journey. Thanks for reading!